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Selling your car is a multilayered process, which involves a considerable amount of patience. From finding the right buyer to finally meeting, you will have to be patient for things to go well. But the final step to the buying process is often the test drive itself. This is where the buyer will compile their thoughts and see if the car is worth buying. But should you let a buyer test drive your car? While the answer is an obvious yes, the real question is, what should you do before letting the buyer go out for a test drive? Check with Your Insurance provider The first thing you should do before allowing the driver to test drive your car is to check up with your insurance provider. Since someone else will be taking over the wheel, an accident might not be covered by your insurance. Therefore, calling and asking them if the insurance applies to the driver or the car is essential. If someone else driving your car leads to an accident while in the passenger seat, will that be a part of your insurance coverage? These are all important questions worth asking, as damages to the vehicle could become very costly. Ask for Their Driver’s License and Other Information If you have second thoughts about the buyer’s ability to drive, you can ask for their driver’s license details. This information can give you everything you need to know about the buyer and their driving history. If their record is spotless, you can give them the keys and let them drive. But if they have a history of reckless driving, you need to find a safer way for them to drive your car. You could plan out the route to find roads with the least traffic, ensuring less possibility of them hitting your car. And if their record happens to be very bad, you could take them to a space road and allow them to get a feel for the car. Do Not Leave the Buyer Alone With Your Car If you’re worried that the buyer will run away with your car if you give them the keys, your concerns are valid. Some sellers had had their cars stolen when they gave the buyer the keys, and they would instantly start the car and run away with it. Therefore, you should always stay with the buyer when they have the keys, but you should always make a mental note to take the keys from them if you are away from the car. You should also avoid getting out of the car when the buyer is still in the driver’s seat. Anticipate the Questions They Will Ask Other than taking precautions for the car and the driver, you should also anticipate the questions that they might ask you. While small talk can be fun, you should better focus on how the individual is driving and the route they are taking. The driver could try to distract you while taking you to a secluded location. Anticipating their questions also prepares you to answer basic questions like “what is that button?” or “how is the mileage on this car?” The worst thing that you can say in this situation is that you don’t know. Sell Your Car on MaxxVin Instead Selling your car yourself can test your patience, and the constant thoughts running through your mind during a test drive can also make it very nerve-wracking. So instead of going through that, why not sell your car on MaxxVin instead. MaxxVin is a service that connects your car to multiple dealerships in your area. You need to provide the VIN and pictures for your car, and they will send a quote. Choose the quote you like and then meet the representative to sell your car.

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