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You managed to place an ad for your car and finally found a buyer. But this first meeting with the buyer will often be the last, so you want to make sure that you get them to like what they see, or they won't even consider it an option. So to help you close the deal, here are a few quick tips to remember before meeting the buyer for the first time. Tips to Remember:
Remember what you're offering Finding a buyer is not easy and can usually take a few weeks or months before you meet them. Therefore, you want to check your description again to determine if your car has changed since you posted the ad. The buyer will always be ready when coming to a meeting, as they will check everything about the car to see if it matches the description. If your car is missing something or you have to change certain parts of the car, you could even postpone the meeting and set it up for another time. While they might have their misgivings, they can allow you to create a stronger impression. Let them Test Drive, Carefully Chances the buyer might ask you to test-drive the vehicle, so you should first drive the buyer to a road where they can easily drive it themselves. Always be the first person to drive, as it shows the buyer that you're a careful driver and shows them the car's performance. Once you reach the location, always take the keys out of the ignition when moving to a different seat, as the buyer could try to steal your car. Furthermore, try not to talk to the driver as much, since they might think you compensate for the car's performance. Silence while driving allows the buyer to sell the car to themselves. Be Distant When meeting the buyer for the first time, your first instinct should be to make them feel comfortable. While that is certainly important, you don't want to be too friendly or come off as too desperate. Be respectful but try not crack too many jokes or make small talk. Even if they seem like someone you could get along with, try to be more distant. If you manage to close the deal and do so without any bad blood, you could talk to them later or exchange contact information. Stand Your Ground After the test drive, the buyer will start negotiating the price. When negotiating the price, you never want to give up on your asking price and risk your profit margin. You should especially not be willing to flinch on your asking price if you catered it with much thought and care. Even if reducing the price could confirm the sale, it might not be worth it in the long run. However, if the buyer is unwilling to budge and offers larger discounts, you can counter their offer with discounts in smaller increments, reducing your losses. Try selling your car through MaxxVin Despite taking all of the tips mentioned earlier into consideration, there is still a chance that they might not close the deal. So instead of jumping through hoops to find a dedicated buyer, why not try to sell your car with MaxxVin. MaxxVin is a platform that connects you to various dealerships in your location. You can upload pictures of your car, along with its VIN, which is enough for dealerships to offer a quote. Choose the quote you like and meet with the representative to close the deal. The search results for the dealerships will depend on where you are and if the dealerships have an offer to make. With the wide variety of dealerships that you can contact, as long as it runs, MaxxVin will make an offer.

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