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It’s summertime, which means it’s time for car owners near and far to break out the car wash bucket kit and take advantage of the warm, sunny weather. Giving your car a detail can be a rewarding experience, which instantly improves its overall presentation and can give you an upper hand should you be looking to sell your car. Your first thought is likely to be “I want to sell my car for cash today,” but you should resist the impulse to skip straight to buyer negotiations. Interested parties will be inspecting your car inside and out, likely in broad daylight, so it pays to plan ahead with a thorough detailing. Here at MaxxVin, where we buy cars for cash, we know that it's essential to ensure your car is in top shape before advancing to the car sale. Let’s get into the reasons why. Benefits of Detailing Your Car Before Meeting the Buyer Before meeting with buyers, detailing your car is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to improve its appearance. Read through our tips below to understand the importance of a quick wash. Give Your Car That “Brand New” Shine Buyers usually look for vehicle photos before they purchase a used car. Many will make up their minds on this alone before they even reach out to you. This is the importance of first impressions. Putting in the work to clean your car from top to bottom will leave you with a photo ready vehicle. Being able to show off a clean car with a like-new sheen in listing pictures, as well as in person, will greatly increase your chances of closing a sale. Remove Tough and Stubborn Stains It goes without saying that a proper detail will have you tackling grime, stains, and odors which have long overstayed their welcome. Responsible car owners will recognize the importance of getting rid of these issues. Starting with your car’s interior, you should be prepared to dust, disinfect, and vacuum away that stubborn top layer of dust, pet dander, and whatever else might have taken up residence over the years. A simple steam clean or shampoo wash can go a long way here. It helps to plan a day for this so that you have the time to really accomplish your cleaning goals. Washing and buffing your car’s exterior is no less important, since this is your chance to make your car shine. An all-around cleaner car will fetch a higher price among interested buyers. Restore Engine Shine Vehicle buyers usually pay close attention to a car's performance inside and out. This means your detailing should cover everything, including what lies underneath the hood. Many buyers will ask to pop the hood for a quick inspection of your car’s engine compartment. Signs of wear or driver neglect will dissuade them, so you should take care to clear away any noticeable buildup of dirt and dust during your clean. A perfunctory cloth wipe down is likely to be enough to improve your engine’s appearance, but if your car is old or there is a notable amount of rust under the hood, you may want to dig a bit deeper. By waiting until the engine is cooled and covering any sensitive areas such as the alternator, the engine’s air intake, or the distributor cap with a plastic bag, you are free to use degreaser and water to more thoroughly wash everything. The end result will impress anyone looking to make a purchase. Increases Car Value By bringing out the best of your car and restoring its appearance, you are effectively raising its resale value. A car’s aesthetics play a big role in determining how much you can market it for, especially if it’s an older model. Bottom Line Taking the time to detail your car before scheduling inspections and test runs with your potential buyers is a surefire way to maximize your vehicle’s attractiveness. Exterior shine, interior cleanliness, and the state of your engine are all things people take into consideration when shopping for used cars. Once you decide to increase your chances of making the perfect sale by detailing your car, it’s time to start looking for buyers. This can be a hassle to do on your own, so why not partner with a team of professionals? Get in touch with our experts at MaxxVin today for help securing top dollar for your used car without the added headache of dealerships.

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